Welcome to Lilliput Health Bournemouth

With providing treatments across 10 other locations, Lilliput Health has become the biggest Physio, Sports Massage and Chiropractic provider on the sunny south coast. And why… because we continue to deliver high quality services continually striving to be the best provider of private health care services, in this beautiful place we call home. But we don’t like to brag…

Here at Lilliput Health we fix the source not just the symptom, we are excellence driven and as highlighted in our name, your health is at the forefront of our priorities.

We know that everyone demands affordable, quickly accessible and trusted healthcare and so that’s quite simply what we provide. As friendly as we are, when it comes to injuries we don’t want you coming back more than you have to! Which is why not only do we facilitate and cure, we prevent too, providing a pro-active service for those that are looking to optimise their quality of life. Leave us being a happier, healthier you.

Most importantly and something you will notice when you visit us is that our clinicians are not in a rush, they have time to thoroughly discuss your needs, at the end of the day we promise you will get value for money.

We have a wide range of patients walk through our door, from elite athletes with sports injuries, to office workers with back problems, to people who just want a bit of pampering. Lilliput Health is a lifestyle choice; we welcome everyone with open arms, we’re not just a necessity.

We have an extremely experienced and highly professional team of health care practitioners, who within our state of the art clinics specialise in the following areas:

  • Chiropractic
  • Physiotherapy
  • Sports and Deep Tissue Massage
  • And many more!

If you’re still wondering WHY TO CHOOSE US, well here it is. We keep the quality high at all times, we provide unrivalled service, we have open and clear communication and honesty is our best policy. Surely it’s a no brainer?



Find Directions to Lilliput Health

Find Directions to Lilliput Health